Modafinil more and more popular in Limerick

Modafinil has been dogged the world’s first safe “smart drug” according to researchers at Harvard and Oxford universities. After carrying out a comprehensive review of the drug also called Provigil or modalert, they arrived at a conclusion that the modafinil, normally prescribed for narcoleptic patients but taken by normal people increasingly, improves concentration, decision making and even boosts creative thinking with few non-life threatening side effects and no addictive qualities.

Many people, who form the majority of the population that cannot enjoy the natural circadian rhythm which allows for normal sleep at night , wake in the morning and staying alert all day, are always looking for stimulants that can keep them active, reinvigorated and more retentive when they need to be so. It is this portion of the population that has ensured the world’s coffee and soft drink companies remain in business.

As life in the city gets busier and busier with more places to be, plans to achieve and less time to complete them, we are always looking for ways to stay more alert, push some extra minutes and hours into work or ensure some quick information stay longer in our brains to serve whatever purpose it is needed for. For whatever reason, we want to have our bodies running constantly 24/7, all week long and as a result, turn to stimulants. The stimulants are usually in the form of caffeine or sugar. But over time, many people have discovered these stimulants are not as effective as they would want, so they turn to prescription drugs like Modafinil.

In universities across the US and in the UK, Modafinil has become increasingly popular for its effect on boosting alertness while decreasing anxiety and sleepiness. The drug can be easily brought through websites and used without prescription. Many students, who are trying out last minute cramming before an exam, take Modafinil from modafinilcat as it jugs up the memory and causes increased short term memory retention.
Modafinil has many other positive effects in healthy people, one of which is its ability to increase “fluid intelligence”- which is basically our problem solving capacity and ability to think creatively. This is one of the reasons the brand name modalert and modvigil are getting more popular among city workers as it makes tasks more pleasurable and confers cognitive benefits, the longer and more complex the task is.
According to a review published in the journal “European Neuropsychopharmacology”, modalert and modvigil was described to show few side effects which include a small drop in creativity among people but never consistently. The review also added that the drug affects mood mildly and causes minor side effects like headaches and nausea.

The review further stated that in comparison to other smart drugs, “Modafinil seems to be the first ‘nootropic’ that is reasonably safe for healthy people”. It is not addictive, although its long term effect have not been studied extensively because of the difficulty in getting ethical approval to test its effect in long term use.
According to Guy Godwin, president of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Modafinil has become the first real example of a smart drug that can genuinely help , but still faces an ethical debate on how a drug with potential benefits and minimal side effects can be condoned or condemned. Modafinil remains unlicensed for healthy people, but it is thought that with a wider debate involving health care professionals, politicians and the public on how cognitive enhancement drugs can be integrated into our lives, we may better appreciate (the usefulness or lack of it for)Modafinil better.

The History of Limerick

The breathtaking and picturesque town of Limerick in Maine State in the United States is a thinly populated town that is located along the White Mountain foothills in York County. It is one of the fastest developing towns in York County and its natural beauty, rolling hills and pleasant climate has attracted more and more people to settle down in this wonderful town. The town no doubt is growing at a rapid pace. Its 2010 census reported that there were 2892 people living in this town, whereas the figure was just 2240 in the 2000 census. The number of families has risen to 801 in 2010 from 607 in 2000 and this figure is now increasing rapidly.

Limerick town was one of the towns of the “Five Ossipee Towns” called by the Indians. A trader from Kittery bought this town from the Indians in 1668. Half interest of this town was conveyed to Major Nicholas Shapleigh by Small in 1669. The descendants of Small and the Major decided to give Biddeford’s lawyer James Sullivan one half of the 13,000 acre of land in Limerick town, if he was ready to defend the descendant’s claims. Sullivan’s friends and his associates settled in the area and each of his friends and associates signed his name on a lead plaque and deposited it on the bank of the Little Ossipee River. This plaque is now a property of the Maine Historical Society. The hard work and the character of Sullivan was rewarded by other settlers through a good gesture. They named the Limerick town after the birthplace of Sullivan’s father that was in Ireland.

little Ossipee river

little Ossipee river

The Limerick town was incorporated on March 6, 1787. The village started to develop along the old Sokokis trail. It was gifted with very good soil and hence prompted the early settlers to do farming. Nine out of ten people that lived in Limerick town took up farming and it was the main occupation of the people of this Maine town. Their main income was from selling dairy products, hay and cattle. As the town started to develop, the businesses also started to diversify and other businesses like furniture stores, blacksmith shops, hat manufacturing, harness making and shoe manufacturers also mushroomed in early 1800s. The Limerick Manufacturing Co was started in the year 1846 by James Bradbury, and this company was bought by Joshua Holland in 1857. The town of Limerick became more popular due to the demand of the Holland blankets all across the country during the Civil war. The blankets were manufactured by The Limerick Manufacturing Co. The lower village of Limerick was named after Holland and it was called Hollandville which was later changed to Deepvale during the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

Even before the Limerick town was incorporated in 1787, the citizens of Limerick gave huge importance to education. The people of the town raised a sum of 20 pounds in 1775 during a town meeting for school keeping. Now, Limerick is one of the popular towns in Maine that has joined the SAD #57 with other five neighboring towns to provide good and quality education for the children. The town once again created history when it raised $1,262,792 in 2001 as its share of ‘school keeping’ in the district.

There is so much more history to this small town of Limerick in Maine. The history has seen many popular and famous citizens and a lot of ordinary folks who carry out their ordinary routine day in and day out. Limerick is known to always make history and it is still in the process of doing so.


The Geography and Demographics of Limerick

The Limerick town in York County that was incorporated on March 6, 1787 is said to have a total area of 28.25 square miles, according to the United States Census Bureau. The total area is divided into 27.14 square miles of land and 1.11 square miles of water. It is beautifully set among lakes and hills and is a picturesque town. The geography of the town will influence the type of housing, transportation infrastructure and the heating fuels of this town. It is one of the most popular and attractive towns in Maine and is visited by tourists who admire the serenity and natural beauty.

Pickerel Pond

Pickerel Pond

The popular lake of Limerick is the Pickerel pond and the streams that drain Limerick are: Spencer Brook, Fenderson Brook and Leavitt Brook. The most popular and attractive hills and mountains in and around the Limerick town are: Cannon Hill, Watson Mountain, Philpot Mountain, Towle Mountain, Clark Mountain and Hoyt Mountain. The reservoir of this town is the Sokokis Lake and the popular dam is the Sokokis Lake Dam. It is a civil town with a cemetery called the Highland cemetery. The zip code of Limerick town is 04048 and the area code is 207.


The Limerick town is at an elevation of 469 feet and has a population roughly about 2900 people. The latitude and longitude of Limerick town are: 43.69 N and 70.77 W respectively. It follows the Eastern Time. A drive on the Sokokis trail or route 5 will give you a panoramic view of this beautiful town. It is a very popular town in Main State and Americans as well as international tourists love to take a break from their hectic city and business schedule in this small town.

River Shannon  runs through Limerick City, King John's castle

River Shannon runs through Limerick City, King John’s castle

The Limerick village is exactly at the crossroads of Maine Routes 5, 11 and 160. It is about 16 miles north of Alfred town. Some of the most populated areas in the Limerick town are: Felch corner, Perrys corner, Limerick mills, Limerick and Emerys corner. The cities that are nearby to Limerick town in Maine are: Lake Arrowhead (just 2.2 miles), Waterboro town, Cornish town, Hollis town, Shapleigh town, Baldwin town, Newmarket town, Newfield town, Limington town, Baldwin town and Parsonsfield town. The Newmarket town is in New Hampshire, but is just 9.1 miles from Limerick town.

Limerick Demographics

children playing in Limerick

children playing in Limerick

The population of Limerick town in Maine stands at 2948 and the average median age of the people living in this wonderful town is 40 years. The maximum number of people living in Limerick falls in the age group of 50 to 59 years and the next best category is the 4 to 49 years. The lowest age group of people living in Limerick is 80+ years. The maximum number of crimes that happen in Limerick is rape followed by burglary and property. But, Limerick is 95% below of the national crime average.  About 45% of the people living in Limerick are married and 32% of the residents are living with their kids. Only 7% of the residents are singles and about 15% are single parents. The average household income for Limerick is $56,712. The residents of Limerick are also educated and 15% of them hold a Bachelor’s degree or more. 10% of the Limerick residents have graduated from high school. Most of the people living in Limerick are high school graduates.  More than 90% of the people living here are whites. Most of the residents living in Limerick are property owners. The popular job categories are: office, admin, executive, sales and construction.


A journey to Vancouver animal hospital

It was part of my university project to assess and make a presentation on the working of Vancouver Animal Hospital this was my final project and we were given the choice to either select any veterinary hospital within limerick Maine or go for other options in USA or other than that. I have lived in limerick Maine for about seven years and to make my project outclass I wanted to select the best hospital. I was told about the Vancouver animal hospital by a friend who lived in Canada and he went there for the treatment of his pet. As it was the number one hospital there therefore I selected it. I discussed it with my teacher and he also agreed over my selection and granted me permission to work on it.

Now for the purpose of gathering information my first task was to travel to Vancouver from limerick Maine so it’s easy for me to get every bit of information which otherwise I was not able to get from the internet or any other source. I called my friend and asked him to arrange for every material which I can use to get to the animal hospital.

After a day or two I was in Vancouver, and to my ease my friend told that he has an appointment for his dog so I can accompany them and meet the doctors by myself. I went with him to the Vancouver animal hospital located in the plaza on Cornwall Ave. at Cypress St., close to Kitsilano Beach and Vancouver’s West End.l . After reaching there I first asked about the doctor or any other staff member whom I shall ask questions about the hospital, I also told them that it’s a project of me and I’m from limerick Maine. They incorporated with me and I was directed to the head of admin. Upon my investigative attitude and my determination towards my work he told me everything about the animal hospital. He told me that the veterinarians here are certified by the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia and have experience in their respective fields. He told me that the animal hospital specializes in providing extra care facilities such as ear and dental cleaning, nail trimming, grooming, and allergy treatment, deworming, endocrinology, dermatology, and cardiology services to the pets. The doctors are provided with extensive and regular training sessions in different seminars as to learn contemporary, up-to-date methods of treatment. The animals that were provided treatment in the hospital were comprised of rabbits, dogs, cats, ferrets and hamsters.

The hospital also had the facility of providing 24/7 pet home care service, which is available to you at your doorstep. They also provide prescription foods for the pets so as to maintain their long term growth and health. If you opt for providing friendly, modern, and proactive approach to your pets’ medical care, at fair price Vancouver animal hospital is the place to select.


Education in Limerick

The residents of Limerick town in Maine in the United States have always supported education right from the incorporation of the town. The students who study from Grade K to 5 go to the Line Elementary School to gain education. This school is a very popular one that is located on Water Street in West Newfield. The school runs from 9 am to 3 pm and is also shared by the students who reside in the Newfield area. This school is part of the Regional School Unit 57 (RSU 57). Continue reading

Places Of Interest In Limerick

Limerick, Maine is a town with scenic charm and with a great history. The Limerick is known as the “Best Kept Secret Of Maine”. The rolling foothills, the mountains and lakes make this village a beautiful one. This town is filled with activities for the visitors. There are historically important places, library, interesting shops, dining, cultural activities and many other places of interest. Some of the places of interest in Limerick are discussed below. Continue reading

Limerick-Maine facebook page T-Shirt

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Limerick is less exploited even by our countrymen and is a town that is well connected by roadways. It has everything that you want in a small town like lakes, ponds, rivers, hills, shopping centers, recreational centers, market, library, good home stay as well as decent hotels. It is the best place to stay away from crowded people and huge amount of noise. If you want some peaceful atmosphere and calm and soothing place to spend a week or even a good weekend, then Limerick in Maine is a very good option. Once you have been to Limerick, you will become a fan and feel like coming back for more. That is the beauty and the warmth that Limerick offers. This is the sole purpose why we have built this blog and to give insights into what Limerick is and what it has to offer for people all over the globe.

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