A journey to Vancouver animal hospital

It was part of my university project to assess and make a presentation on the working of Vancouver Animal Hospital this was my final project and we were given the choice to either select any veterinary hospital within limerick Maine or go for other options in USA or other than that. I have lived in limerick Maine for about seven years and to make my project outclass I wanted to select the best hospital. I was told about the Vancouver animal hospital by a friend who lived in Canada and he went there for the treatment of his pet. As it was the number one hospital there therefore I selected it. I discussed it with my teacher and he also agreed over my selection and granted me permission to work on it.

Now for the purpose of gathering information my first task was to travel to Vancouver from limerick Maine so it’s easy for me to get every bit of information which otherwise I was not able to get from the internet or any other source. I called my friend and asked him to arrange for every material which I can use to get to the animal hospital.

After a day or two I was in Vancouver, and to my ease my friend told that he has an appointment for his dog so I can accompany them and meet the doctors by myself. I went with him to the Vancouver animal hospital located in the plaza on Cornwall Ave. at Cypress St., close to Kitsilano Beach and Vancouver’s West End.l . After reaching there I first asked about the doctor or any other staff member whom I shall ask questions about the hospital, I also told them that it’s a project of me and I’m from limerick Maine. They incorporated with me and I was directed to the head of admin. Upon my investigative attitude and my determination towards my work he told me everything about the animal hospital. He told me that the veterinarians here are certified by the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia and have experience in their respective fields. He told me that the animal hospital specializes in providing extra care facilities such as ear and dental cleaning, nail trimming, grooming, and allergy treatment, deworming, endocrinology, dermatology, and cardiology services to the pets. The doctors are provided with extensive and regular training sessions in different seminars as to learn contemporary, up-to-date methods of treatment. The animals that were provided treatment in the hospital were comprised of rabbits, dogs, cats, ferrets and hamsters.

The hospital also had the facility of providing 24/7 pet home care service, which is available to you at your doorstep. They also provide prescription foods for the pets so as to maintain their long term growth and health. If you opt for providing friendly, modern, and proactive approach to your pets’ medical care, at fair price Vancouver animal hospital is the place to select.


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