Education in Limerick

The residents of Limerick town in Maine in the United States have always supported education right from the incorporation of the town. The students who study from Grade K to 5 go to the Line Elementary School to gain education. This school is a very popular one that is located on Water Street in West Newfield. The school runs from 9 am to 3 pm and is also shared by the students who reside in the Newfield area. This school is part of the Regional School Unit 57 (RSU 57).

RSU 57 is the school district of Maine and was earlier known as the Maine School Administrative District 57 (MSAD 57). The district office of the RSU 57 is located in Waterboro in Maine. There are seven schools that are managed by the RSU 57 and the schools include: Alfred Elementary School, Waterboro Elementary School, Massabesic Middle School, Massabesic High School, Lyman Elementary School, Shapleigh Memorial School and of course Line Elementary School.

massabesicThe Limerick students who are in the grades from 6 to 8 attend the Massabesic Middle School for further education after completing their elementary education at the Line Elementary School. The Massabesic Middle School is located IN the Old Alfred Road in East Waterboro. The classes take place between quarter past 7 in the morning and ends at quarter to two in the afternoon. Each of the three grades has a school counselor who will follow the students during their course in the school and guide them to perform better. Their main aim is to ensure the success of the students in their school and will carry out activities like: classroom programs, small group counseling, parent and staff consultation and short term individual and group counseling to achieve the school goals.

The students who are interested to take up classes from 9th grade to the 12th grade will attend the Massabesic High School in Waterboro run by the RSU 57. The school has been set up to create a unique educational experience for the students. The school offers customized learning experience to help students achieve their personal goals. The students can get health service from qualified nurses during school hours. The students can also actively take part in the athletic and different game activities offered by the school.

There are also different colleges and universities located in and around the Limerick town for the students to undergo graduate and post graduate courses and to earn their degrees. Some of the popular colleges/universities are:

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Southern Maine Community College
  • Plymouth State University
  • University of Southern Maine
  • University of New England
  • NHTI-Concord’s Community College
  • University of New Hampshire-Main Campus


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