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Limerick is a wonderful town located in Maine in the United States. This town is known for its hilly mountains, low traffic and picturesque settings. It is a less populated town that has more to offer for tourists. It is a town that is lying silently on the lap of Nature for long. Now, we have decided to bring this little and attractive town of ours to the limelight. That is why we have come up with the all new blog that contains all the information that you need about the enchanting people and town of Limerick. It is a heaven on Earth and you will definitely feel that it is a home away from home when you visit there.

Limerick is less exploited even by our countrymen and is a town that is well connected by roadways. It has everything that you want in a small town like lakes, ponds, rivers, hills, shopping centers, recreational centers, market, library, good home stay as well as decent hotels. It is the best place to stay away from crowded people and huge amount of noise. If you want some peaceful atmosphere and calm and soothing place to spend a week or even a good weekend, then Limerick in Maine is a very good option. Once you have been to Limerick, you will become a fan and feel like coming back for more. That is the beauty and the warmth that Limerick offers. This is the sole purpose why we have built this blog and to give insights into what Limerick is and what it has to offer for people all over the globe.

We want to do our bit to this wonderful town of Limerick and with the help of Teespring Expert have decided to sell original T-shirts custom designed with Limerick information and pictures to inform to the world about this wonderful city. It is a awareness campaigns that our website and our facebook page has initiated to get more and more people know about this beautiful town. The T-shirts are being sold at popular crowdsourced online custom shirts selling website Teespring. Please join us in our support to the town of Limerick and buy our shirts sold online. You just need to click on the web address found on our facebook page. You can visit the URL printed on the T-shirt to visit our website and to know more details about the Limerick town. This is a quickfire and easy way to raise awareness for this attractive town and we are happy that our small endeavor is bearing fruits. We hope that more and more people buy our attractive and high quality custom made Limerick T-shirts and help us in this noble fund raising project.


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