Modafinil more and more popular in Limerick

Modafinil has been dogged the world’s first safe “smart drug” according to researchers at Harvard and Oxford universities. After carrying out a comprehensive review of the drug also called Provigil or modalert, they arrived at a conclusion that the modafinil, normally prescribed for narcoleptic patients but taken by normal people increasingly, improves concentration, decision making and even boosts creative thinking with few non-life threatening side effects and no addictive qualities.

Many people, who form the majority of the population that cannot enjoy the natural circadian rhythm which allows for normal sleep at night , wake in the morning and staying alert all day, are always looking for stimulants that can keep them active, reinvigorated and more retentive when they need to be so. It is this portion of the population that has ensured the world’s coffee and soft drink companies remain in business.

As life in the city gets busier and busier with more places to be, plans to achieve and less time to complete them, we are always looking for ways to stay more alert, push some extra minutes and hours into work or ensure some quick information stay longer in our brains to serve whatever purpose it is needed for. For whatever reason, we want to have our bodies running constantly 24/7, all week long and as a result, turn to stimulants. The stimulants are usually in the form of caffeine or sugar. But over time, many people have discovered these stimulants are not as effective as they would want, so they turn to prescription drugs like Modafinil.

In universities across the US and in the UK, Modafinil has become increasingly popular for its effect on boosting alertness while decreasing anxiety and sleepiness. The drug can be easily brought through websites and used without prescription. Many students, who are trying out last minute cramming before an exam, take Modafinil from modafinilcat as it jugs up the memory and causes increased short term memory retention.
Modafinil has many other positive effects in healthy people, one of which is its ability to increase “fluid intelligence”- which is basically our problem solving capacity and ability to think creatively. This is one of the reasons the brand name modalert and modvigil are getting more popular among city workers as it makes tasks more pleasurable and confers cognitive benefits, the longer and more complex the task is.
According to a review published in the journal “European Neuropsychopharmacology”, modalert and modvigil was described to show few side effects which include a small drop in creativity among people but never consistently. The review also added that the drug affects mood mildly and causes minor side effects like headaches and nausea.

The review further stated that in comparison to other smart drugs, “Modafinil seems to be the first ‘nootropic’ that is reasonably safe for healthy people”. It is not addictive, although its long term effect have not been studied extensively because of the difficulty in getting ethical approval to test its effect in long term use.
According to Guy Godwin, president of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Modafinil has become the first real example of a smart drug that can genuinely help , but still faces an ethical debate on how a drug with potential benefits and minimal side effects can be condoned or condemned. Modafinil remains unlicensed for healthy people, but it is thought that with a wider debate involving health care professionals, politicians and the public on how cognitive enhancement drugs can be integrated into our lives, we may better appreciate (the usefulness or lack of it for)Modafinil better.

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